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Welcome to, a website devoted to sharing resources focusing on gay, queer, and LGBT history, with a Scottish slant. The website is run by academics drawn from law, history and the social sciences and our aim is to encourage study and scholarship.

The wesbite is updated regularly to reflect new and emerging research, and if you wish to add materials or to share knowledge of archives and events related to gay, queer, and LGBT histories then do please get in touch, and help shape knowledge.

Richard Linsert


This site is named after Richard Linsert in recognition of his dedication in supporting the anti-Stalinist left and the gay rights movement.

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This site aims to make lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history more accessible. If you have comments on what should be included please do get in touch.

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James Morgan Brown Review


The James Morgan Brown Review is an independent journal, published to increase awareness of important lgbtqi non-fiction publications. It is named in honour of James Morgan Brown, gay Glasgow socialist, comrade of Edward Carpenter.